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Spacer FLOW DESIGN has over 25 years experience in the valve industry.

Our Aim is to provide the best possible service in the Severe Service Valve and Control Valve Industry.

We take a great deal of pride in providing valve solutions to the industries we service. 

We provide Severe Service, Custom Built as well as Standard Valves for all your valve needs.

Flow Design engineers have the knowledge to solve severe service valve applications, having solved problems which have saved our customers millions of dollars in lost production time, uncontrolled discharge to atmosphere or flare and improved reliability of the plant through consistent performance of control and /or isolation valves.

No Severe Service Application is outside the scope of Flow Design's ability to solve the problem.

Flow Design engineers take a great deal of care to learn about and to understand the customer's problem and application. With this dedication to customer service we are in the best position to provide a superior valve solution.

We also provide a valve improvement program, after sales service and complete valve repairs.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service which provides extremely high levels of design and application knowledge.

We provide a complete range of valve services to industries including Chemical, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Refining, Power ( both Fossil and Nuclear) and Industrial Gases.

Flow Design achieves these results with the following partners.

  • Somas Instrument AB
  • Copeland Industries
  • AT- Armaturen - Technik - GMBH
  • Leeds Valve Company

The head office for Flow Design is in Melbourne, Australia. We have good people who can provide face to face service in all Australian States, and parts of South East Asia. We are always on the look out for high quality partners to work with us to provide valve solutions anywhere around the world.

Corporate Citizen

Flow Design takes a great deal of pride in being a responsible corporate citizen. We take time to consider what impact our company has on the environment.

Our company motor vehicles are fuel-efficient 4 cylinder cars with manual transmissions, which are serviced regularly. We recycle any waste materials produced by the company. A percentage of all sales are spent on revegetation projects.

A number of products we sell dramatically reduce the CO2 emissions from power stations by reducing the amount of steam lost through valve leakage. We actively promote valve retrofit, repair and upgrade programs. Where possible we refurbish valve parts for reuse and if those parts are beyond repair the parts are then recycled for use in other products.

We are always looking to reduce our impact on the environment and helping our customers to do likewise. We welcome any suggestions.

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