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Globe Style Control Valve
  • Model No: AGCV
  • A Simple, Reliable, Rugged and Economical Globe Valve
  • This style of valve provides a superior performance, while permitting easy, fast, inexpensive maintenance.

This valve can be fitted with single stage unbalanced or balanced trims, numerous trim reductions, severe service trims including:

  • Noise and velocity reduction Trims
  • Cavitation Control Trims
  • Erosion and Corrosion Control Trims
  • Sizes Range From " - 42"
  • Ratings ANSI 150# - ANSI 4500#
  • Body Materials Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome Molly, Alloy 20, Hastelloy B & C, Titanium, and other casting materials
  • Flow Characteristics, Linear, Equal Percentage, Charaterised, and Quick Opening.
  • Seats, Available in Metal or Soft
    ( for bubble tight shutoff )
  • Actuator: Spring Cylinder Actuator Sizes 25, 50 100 sq in

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