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  • Optimux supply are range of rugged accurate and reliable valve positioners
  • These positioners are available with either pneumatic input signal or a I/P module for milliamp current input signals
  • Models
  • AVP 302 / 202
  • The AVP Series positioners are high performance microprocessor based current to pneumatic positioners which also include additional model option such as Foundation TM Fieldbus, and standard 4 - 20 mA smart positioners featuring split range characteristics.
  • This positioner series incorporates feature such as Automatic configuration, Multiple comunications capabilities, and self- ddiagnostics that contributes to increase productivity and efficiency of industrial plant operations, and lower maintenance costs
  • AVP 202 Improved Anti-vibration Capabilities
  • This model features an accessory that allows the positioner to be mounted remotely from the to provide simplified maintenance or to withstand high vibration
  • HPP2000P/P
  • Signal Pneumatic .2 - 1.0 Bar or Split range
  • HPP2000I/P
  • Signal Electro Pneumatic 4 - 20 mA or Split Range

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